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Repair Process


Initial Estimate

Before any work is done one of our Estimators will do a complete damage assessment. After everything is examined they will explain each area requiring repairs, estimated costs, and delivery date. It is important that you have contacted your Insurance carrier to submit a claim.


Body Work

Next begins the teardown of damaged parts. This is when new parts are installed and repairs are made to the damaged parts. Bodywork includes, dent repair, surface restoration, and body panel alignment. We offer expert vendor services for wheel alignments, glass repairs, and paint less dent removal whenever possible. 


Paint Department

After body work is completed, vehicle is sent to our paint shop for paint preparation. First original layers of paint are removed, and then repaired area is cleaned, sanded, and primed. It is then moved into our spray booth where the best quality paint, PPG, is applied by our professional painter. Next your auto is treated to a durable clear coat that will protect and restore your original new car shine.


Detailing/Quality Inspection

The final step in the process is detail. Exteriors are buffed and polished to remove any dirt or blemishes left on clear coat. To insure an overall quality finish all panels adjacent to repaired area are wither blended or polished. Next an exterior hand wash and wheel wash is completed. Interior detailing includes vacuuming, dust and lint removal, and window washing and sent to the Inspection Department for Quality Control and perfection.

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