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Most Estimates completed prior to disassembly of the vehicle are not completely accurate due to the probability of hidden damage. therefor, it is our practice that an accurate estimate of the costs of repair, as well as the expected time for completion of repairs to one's vehicle are not made until we have disassembled the area of damage to your vehicle.

      Collision Repair



1. Obtain your approval for us to repair your vehicle and negotiate with your insurance company if required.


2. Itemize all visible external damages.


3. Disassemble the damaged area to locate hidden damage.


4. Itemize the previous hidden damage and predict the likelihood of any additional damage.


5. Contact you on your insurance company for inspection and approval of the additional costs required to repair all damages found on or within the vehicle.

      Comprehensive Repair




Call and ask us what to do with a Comprehensive Claim repair. We will guide you through the steps to make the insurance claim as smooth as possible. Most people aren't aware that Compregensive claims don't go against you or your insurance won't raise your rates. If your car has been hit by an object, vandalised, rock ships, or anything done by nature, make sure you contact JRF FIRST to get an explanation of how the process would be best for you financially and for your car. 



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